Skate, surf and snowboard distributors in Spain, Portugal and Andorra

Leaders in boardsports distribution in the Iberian Peninsula

Based in Barcelona, the skate capital of Europe, LeSuite Distr. work with brands from around the world to facilitate their introduction into the Iberian Peninsula. This market consists of Spain, Portugal and Andorra (three countries permitted free circulation of capital, workers and merchandise inside the European Union under the Schengen Agreement). The Iberian Peninsula has a market of 60 million consumers and is an area where boardsports are experiencing a significant boom in the present decade.

A young and versatile team

Lesuite Distr. is comprised of a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the world of boardsports. Our team consists of commercial agents, journalists, publicists and marketing strategists familiar with our products and services not only on a professional level, but also through their passion for action sports.

Internet branding

We offer a differential value compared to our competitors, with a heavy emphasis on our clients’ online image. We manage social network communities for national and regional brands. To do this, we use online communications specialists fluent in the principal languages of our market: Spanish (50m speakers), Portuguese (11m speakers) and Catalan (8m speakers).

Consultancy and merchandise importation

We work with importation and customs processing partners with solid experience in the sector. Barcelona port is undoubtedly one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean and sees the movement of millions of goods every day. Approximately 4000 containers pass through the port every 24 hours. The port features maritime connections with the world’s main factories in Southern Asia via the Suez Canal, plus an unbeatable connection with the rest of the Mediterranean ports.

Regional E-commerce management

The management of geographically localised online stores is a service that also differentiates us from our competitors. Online selling segmented by language to a local level is an effective and direct method of moving products without the need to have a chain of stores available. Experience has allowed us to see how linguistic proximity and cultural respect for the consumer translates into an increase in sales, and to a better perception of the brand by the user. Our team of E-commerce and online marketing specialists offer the possibility of providing a regional version of an online store, mainly in Spanish or Portuguese, with the best helpdesk and customer service support available.

Distribution Network

LeSuite Distr. has a distribution network of over 100 specialist stores in the Iberian Peninsula (70 in Spain, 20 in Portugal and 13 in Andorra). Beyond the number of stores, LeSuite Dist. centres its attention on quality over quantity. We carefully select the stores with which we will work in order to preserve the identity and prestige of brands. Our commitment is to work only with specialist stores.


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